Gulbene Municipality Museum of History and Art invites to the 5th International Art Festival “Divi Jūliji”, which will take place in Gulbene on July 29 – 30, 2022, Latvia, devoted to the two artists named Jūlijs – masters of applied arts – Mr. Jūlijs Madernieks (1870-1955) and Mr. Jūlijs Straume (1874-1970), who were born in Gulbene District.

Seminars, throughout July

Porcelain art seminar “Straume and Birds” (July 11-16), seminar – linen printing workshop “Apron” (July 18-23), tapestry weaving on the vertical weaving looms “Star Horizon” (July 25-30).

Scientific conference “Divi Jūliji. Briedums”, July 29

The conference explores and reveals the most relevant areas of Madernieks’ and Straume’s professional life: interior design, furniture industry, textile design, typography, etc., as well as examples of good practice in modern creative industries. Participates 11 lecturers from Latvia and abroad.
Registration for conference attendance:

Exhibitions, from July 29

“Chair and Apron” – linen aprons and restored / newly created chairs, tapestry exhibition and photo story by Anita Celma, metal art exhibition by Juris Gagainis, “Nesting in the Tree of Knowledge” – exhibition of porcelain works and Inna Kostina’s (Azerbaijan) batik, exhibition “Maturity” – porcelain paintings by Beatrise Kārkliņa, textile works by studio “Gundega” and others.

Workshops, July 30

Wool dyeing in natural dyes (Deniz Coşkun, Turkey), weaving on looms (association “Sagša”), woodworking workshop (“Rubenis Woodwork” Ltd.), workshops in innovative design techniques (association “tabureTE” and “Radošā apvienība “Piektā Māja””), nature design cards (Antra Trusle), traditional Azerbaijani reed carpets (Taryer Bashirov, Azerbaijan), Georgian applied art crafts, Latvian traditional belts, Ukrainian head adornment.

Enjoyment of taste and music, July 30

Demonstrations and fair of applied art studies, face flare and puppet theatre, “Štrauss String Quartet”, music therapist Vita Krūmiņa, folk group “Dadzes”, traditional dishes from “Latgolys golds”, roast lamb from “Dzelzavieši”, tea and other delicacies.